Elliott Mid Century 8day mechanical table/Carriage clock.

Elliott Mid Century 8day mechanical table/Carriage clock.
 Elliott Mid Century 8day mechanical table/Carriage clock.Elliott Mid Century 8day mechanical table/Carriage clock. 
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VINTAGE Quality Elliott solid walnut cased table / mantel clock. Elliott clock were also marketed under the Garrard and Asprey name so the quality of this timepiece is first class.

A fine example with a quality solid walnut wood case and mechanical clock movement.A quality timepiece to enhance your home or the perfect special gift.
1980s Modernist style with brass handle - gilt background dial with Roman Numerals. "Made in England - French Escapement" at 6 oclock"
Dimensions (approx)
19cm high x 16cm wide x 8cm deep

Serial no 2825-475Little chip off the rear wood veneer on LHS but otherwise in good condition